New Leaf Community Markets are full-service natural food stores specializing in local and organic products.

New Leaf's Never Ever Meats

Our high quality meats and poultry are NEVER EVER treated with hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, or other chemical additives.

Creekstone Farms Natural Beef

The Creekstone Farms program is unique to the beef industry because it combines superior Black Angus genetics, exceptional cattle management practices, carefully controlled high-quality feeding, and state-of-the-art processing.
Natural Black Angus Fresh Beef  It all starts with superior Black Angus genetics. Unlike many Black Angus beef programs which base their programs on hide color, the cattle Creekstone procures come from verifiable Black Angus genetics. Hide color alone does not guarantee quality, as some people think. Creekstone’s genetics program allows them to produce flavor and tenderness that will keep your taste buds and dishes happy.
Humane Animal Treatment  Every step of the way – from birth to processing, Creekstone ensures that their animals are handled compassionately and humanely. In fact, their processing plant was designed with animal welfare in mind by Dr. Temple Grandin, associate professor of animal science at Colorado State University and one of the leading experts on animal welfare.

We Carry Grass-Fed Beef!

We carry Pacific Pastures All-Natural Grass-fed Beef. Their cattle feed on our Northern California pastures. Find a variety of cuts and selection in our cases.

Smart Chicken Air-Chilled Chicken Breasts on the grill.
Get Smart with
your Chicken Choice

During processing, Smart Chickens are cooled using Air-Chilling, a French technique using purified air instead of water. Most poultry processors in the United States use a water-cooling process, immersing the birds in large tanks of chlorinated ice water. The water washes flavor out of the chicken and increases the risk of contamination, while the bird absorbs 8 to 12% non-potable water, which you in turn pay for when you buy your chicken. In the Air-Chill system, circulating cold air reduces temperature quickly, equilibrating the desired 32-34°F temperature throughout. Smart Chicken’s Air-Chill is a safer, more efficient process which locks in flavor, texture and tenderness. It’s a better tasting, cleaner bird. Give it a try! Taste the Air-Chilled difference! For more on Smart Chicken and the Air-Chilled difference, jump over to

New Leaf's Ready-to-Cook
New Leaf’s Ready-to-Cook

Every day we prepare fresh entrées that are ready-to-cook on your stovetop, in your oven or are great on the grill. We use all-natural marinades and sauces and fresh herbs and vegetables from our produce department.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Flank Steak stuffed with Feta and Spinach
  • Oven-ready Meatloaf
  • Beef Meatballs
  • Beef and Chicken Fajitas
  • Teriyaki Skirt Steak
  • Chicken Breasts marinated in Teriyaki, Garlic Herb, Hawaiian-Style or BBQ Sauce
  • New Leaf’s Homemade Sausages

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