New Leaf Community Markets are full-service natural food stores specializing in local and organic products.

rBST Free Cheese!

New Leaf is committed to providing cheese and dairy products in which you can have the highest confidence. We support cheese makers and dairies who do not use the synthetic hormone rBST to increase milk production unnaturally. All of New Leaf’s dairy products and cheese are rBST-Free!

New Leaf's North Coast Cheese
New Leaf’s North Coast Cheese...
an absolutely delicious, regionally-produced food.

New Leaf’s Own North Coast Cheeses are made in Loleta, right up the coast in Humboldt County. Loleta Cheese Company was started in 1982 by Bob and Carol Laffranchi. They produce two lines of cheese for New Leaf Community Markets, all natural and organic. In 2007, the Laffranchis began using their own organic milk from their own closed herd for New Leaf’s Organic North Coast cheeses. Try these great cheddars and monterey jacks — great for cooking, sandwiches or just plain snacking!
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Non GMO Policy