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Exceptional and Exceptionally Delicious

We source our meat with great care, visiting every farm and ranch we partner with to be sure they raise animals humanely and meet our rigorous standards. Everything we offer at our meat counter—including our sausages, bacon and ham—is free of nitrates, hormones and antibiotics—and exceptionally delicious. 


The Brands in our meat department

  • Oregon Country Beef

    Our friends at Country Natural Beef have a new line–Oregon Country Beef–and they're bringing us (and you!) delicious, sustainable beef that's now Non-GMO Project Verified! OCB ranchers use a fully traceable model to ensure their cattle are raised without antibiotics or added hormones on sustainable rangelands. 

    We've proudly partnered with Country Natural Beef, the parent company of OCB, for many years and now we have just the ticket to help you step up your chili game or make a next-level brisket. Our OCB ground beef, steaks, roasts and other cuts of beef are adding to a growing list of Non-GMO Project Verified options in our meat counter. and don't forget we've got grass-fed options as well! 

    So, what does this certification mean? The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is a third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Learn more at nongmoproject.org.