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Sustainable Seafood, We Don’t Sell or Settle for Anything Less

First Partner with FishWise

Back in 2002, we were approached by two smart divas from UCSC, Teresa Ish and Shelly Benoit. They asked us to join them in their efforts to help consumers make good choices at the seafood cases. “Great idea,” we said, “let’s work together!” So we collaborated with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, and that’s how FishWise, the first non-profit to support sustainable seafood, was born. You’ll find the program’s color-coded system in the case.

When you buy seafood at New Leaf, you’re saying YES to sustainable fishing and YES to the oceans. All our seafood products meet the highest standards for sustainability. We don’t sell any seafood that’s endangered, overfished or harvested in a manner that’s destructive to the environment or any other species. You also can be certain all our shellfish is free of chemicals, including tripolyphosphate.

Easy-to-read, color-coded signage

So you can make informed choices at the case.

Green—The Best Choice: Fish are caught or farmed in an ocean-friendly manner, with minimal impacts on the ecosystem.

Yellow —Good Alternative: Fish from fisheries or farms with good qualities but that still pose some environmental concerns. Populations of these species are thought to be healthy, but there are other problems such as negative impacts on the ecosystem or poor management of the fishery or farm.

We don’t sell red-coded unsustainable choices at New Leaf—never ever. Nope. We wouldn't do that to you or the sea.

Learn more at Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch or FishWise.org