New Leaf Community Markets are full-service natural food stores specializing in local and organic products.
The New Leaf Story
Scott Roseman came to Santa Cruz in 1977 to attend UCSC. While a student, he joined Our Neighborhood Food Co-op, located on the Westside of Santa Cruz. In the summer of 1984, about three years after he was hired onto the Co-op staff, Scott was diagnosed with leukemia. It took a year to go through the necessary treatment, but towards the end of that year, as the Co-op was floundering, he  made an offer to purchase its assets. An agreement was reached that included a process for the store to repurchase Co-op members’ shares through a discount, and on October 20, 1985, the Westside Community Market opened.
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Our Mission

New Leaf's mission is to nourish and sustain our community.

Our Values
  • Community Support
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Excellent Quality
  • Dedication
  • Respect

New Leaf contributes over 10% of profits annually to local non-profit groups.

At New Leaf, we offer you food that we are passionate about for its delicious flavor, for the care with which it is produced, and for the exceptional quality of its ingredients.

Eating for Life

Download our updated guide to gluten-free shopping.

Living Local
We're all about local at New Leaf. Here is how you can find local products in our store by definition and location.

Return Policy

New Leaf guarantees the quality of all of its products. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return the product, with receipt, within 30 days, for a refund. Refunds of over $10.00 will be issued by store credit. Any exceptions are subject to approval by the manager the store.

Non GMO Policy