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Frequently Asked Questions About Employment At New Leaf

Why do I always see TRIAD, cashier, deli and juice bar staff positions posted on the website?

We’re constantly reviewing applications for these positions because they become available very regularly. So, essentially they’re always on our website. These positions are open for all store locations. If you’re interested in specific store location(s) only, please indicate which in the “Location” section of your application.

What’s the application process?

We ask that you complete and submit an application online. If you’re a potential candidate, we’ll call. Then if it still feels right, we’ll go from there.

How can I check my application status?

From the main Employment page, log in using your email and password. Click on the “View Status” link to see the jobs you’ve applied for and your status for each one.

Who can I call to ask about application status?

Due to the high volume of calls we receive, we just can’t respond to calls about application status. We know applying for a job is a big deal, however, so we’ll keep you posted online. See how in the previous answer. We ask that you don’t contact stores directly to ask about your application because they won’t know about it.

My status says “Not Selected.” What does this mean?

That judging from the information on your application, we feel that you and New Leaf are not a good match, at least not for the position for which you applied. If a position opens up for which you feel you’re better qualified, we hope you’ll apply again.

I dropped off my resume at one of the stores. Do I still need to complete an online application?

Yes, please. We only accept applications and resumes that are submitted online.

I’ve already applied for one position and want to apply for another position. Do I need to fill out another application?

No, you don’t. You can use your existing application to apply for other positions. From the main Employment page, log in using your email address and password. Click on the “Search Openings” then click on the job you’re interested in and read the job description. Click on the “Add to My Jobs” button, at the bottom of the job description, and follow the on-screen instructions to update your application.

If you’re applying for more than one position, you may need to answer some supplemental questions on the application. These may vary depending on the particular position(s) you’re applying for. When you’re done be sure to click on the “Submit” button.

What browsers are best for completing the online application?

Google Chrome, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 7-9 and Mozilla Firefox 8-11. Using an unsupported browser may result in errors. If you receive an error message please make sure you’re using one of the browsers we’ve listed here.

I want to go back to the previous page. Should I just use my browser’s back button?

No, that won’t work. Please don’t use your browser’s back button. Doing so may cause you to lose information you’ve already entered. Instead, use the links on the employment pages to navigate through our site.

When I clicked “Submit,” I got an error message that says, “Error: Invalid Data. Review all error messages below to correct your data.” What should I do?

Scroll down to correct any missing information then click the “Submit” button again.

How do I know my application was successfully submitted?

If you click “Submit” you should receive an email confirming everything went through successfully. If you do not get an email, try clicking submit again. If you continue to have issues, call us at (831) 600-3810.

I get an error message that tells me to contact Human Resources. What should I do?

Note what happened just before you received the error message. It’s helpful for us to know the steps you completed and what browser you were using. For assistance, call (831) 600-3810.

I’m currently an employee at New Leaf Community Markets or New Seasons Markets. How do I log in?

There’s a login site for current New Leaf Community Markets and New Seasons Markets employees only who wish to apply for a different position. Please contact your store manager or admin for further information on how to submit an application online.