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Beer and Wine

Let’s say it’s Saturday, and after a long bike ride in the hills only your favorite IPA will quench that thirst. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect organic Merlot to enjoy with the picnic you’re assembling in your cart. Our beer and wine geeks like that you know what you like, but they’re also happy to nudge you toward new and different pleasures, like a bio-dynamically grown dessert wine or a gluten-free lager. You’ll find a multitude of brews and labels here—especially local, eclectic and exotic ones—at competitive prices, with a friendly New Leafer always at hand to help you choose well.

New Leaf Wine

Richard Alfaro’s passion has always been to please palates. We knew Richard back in the day when he owned a fabulous bakery in the same Santa Cruz co-op where our first market was housed. Like so many of New Leaf’s longtime relationships, our friendship with the Alfaro family has only deepened, and in this case into private label wines. Made from the Santa Cruz Mountain grapes grown, crushed and bottled by Richard and his family who grow in Corralitos, California. Every bottle of New Leaf’s Own is made Richard’s way—with the latest viticultural know-how but much less processing. You’ll find New Leaf’s Own tastes more natural. Unrefined and unfiltered, there’s often more sediment in Richard’s wines, and more integrity. And on that note, we’d like to raise our glass—here’s to good friends and good wines! 

Six Pack Wine Special

Purchase six bottles of wine or champagne and enjoy 10% off your purchase plus a free wine tote!

Join Us For Friday Beer and Wine Tastings

Every week at select New Leaf markets, we’re happy to offer a free sampling of beer and wine to all of you of legal age. Check our Events Calendar and mark the date on yours.