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We've Got Variety: Cows, Goats, Sheep and More!

The crème de la crème of delicious products resides in the cool of our dairy section, including raw, grass-fed, organic, lactose-free and unpasteurized cow’s milk as well as buttermilk, cream, sour cream, crème fresh, quark, yogurt, ice cream and cottage cheese.

MooHoo!-RBST Free Freedom

The dairies we work with never increase milk production unnaturally with this synthetic hormone. Don’t get us started about this practice, but just know you can be sure that every dairy product on our shelves is rBST-free.

Our Longtime Partner, Clover Stornetta

We fell in love with Clover milk years ago and are still proud to have them as a partner all these years later. Clover was the first dairy west of the Mississippi to offer rBST free milk. As far as we’re concerned, these family farms in Sonoma and Marin Counties do everything right. That’s why we feature their milk almost exclusively. Clover Stornetta is committed to the sustainability of their land and the welfare of their cows, and in our experience—which is ample—they produce the highest quality milk in the country. 

We’ve Got Alternatives

For all our friends who are lactose intolerant, we carry a growing number of alternatives. From lactose-free options to  delicious non-dairy “dairy” products, including milk, kefirs and yogurts made from soy, almonds, rice and even coconut. Even if dairy does fine by you, you might want to try some of our non-dairy “dairy” products and change things up now and then. You could be doing your body a favor: many nutritionists believe it’s always a good idea to rotate our protein sourcesAnd if you are a raw milk enthusiast – you can find that in our stores too! 

Organic Milk—Why Drink It?

Cows that produce certified organic milk say no to drugs! And so do the farmers that raise them, simply refusing to give their animals antibiotics or growth hormones. Plus, these lucky cows have access to the great outdoors. Cows on certified organic farms are fed 100% organic feed. These healthy ruminants aren’t exposed to pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, so residues of these toxic chemicals will never turn up in their milk. Also, organic standards prohibit the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) as well as cloned animals.