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We Call It Our Foodie Department

Once you enter this tantalizing world of local and international specialties, there’s no turning back. Here’s where to come when you want to up the gourmet ante, when you want to take a dish from delicious to dizzying. 

Discover tasty jams, jellies, fruit pastes, pâtés and artisan dips ready to serve with locally crafted crackers and breadsticks. Exotic nut mixes. Seasonal delicacies. You’ve entered a realm without borders where explore is the operative word. And our gourmand team is here to guide you from such plate enhancing offerings as uncured salami and fermented vegetables to an inimitable collection of locally made pastas and sauces. Whether you’re searching for the perfect pairing, for sweet or savory, if it’s special, it’s here.

Olive and Antipasti Bars

Stop by our olive and antipasti bars. They’re chockfull of olives, peppers and antipasti from California and Europe. Buy a little or a lot—containers provided.