How We’re Different

The right choice isn’t always the easiest choice. The more times you make those right choices, though — as we’ve been doing for more than 30 years — the easier they become. Our mission at New Leaf Community Markets from day one has been to nourish and sustain our Central Coast communities. We do so in many different ways.

We source the very best, sustainably produced ingredients and products for our stores — many from within 100 miles. We cultivate a collaborative spirit with locals and nonprofits who walk the walk in terms of climate-friendly practices, social justice and positive change. We give back in all sorts of charitable and volunteer-hour ways. And over the years we’ve donated more than $2 million to organizations we believe in.

It’s really not that easy to quantify though. New Leaf Community Markets’ big picture is much more heart than dollar signs. It comes down to our belief in doing good work for the planet and our people by sustainably serving our communities the best way we know how — through being a dependable, high-principled, community-hub grocer.

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Onions, russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and more all grown within 100 miles of New Leaf Community Markets stores