Quality Products

New Leaf & Friends

A unique take on private label items,        New Leaf & Friends products are created in true collaboration with local makers who share our passion for high-quality products, representing partnerships built over time reflecting the values of our regional food economy along the Central Coast of California and beyond.


Responsibly-Sourced & Planet-Friendly

New Leaf Community Markets proudly supports local producers like Pinnacle Organically Grown Produce (pictured here)

Keeping food and food production healthy and sustainable is at our core. We know that supporting and working hand-in-hand with our local farm and vendor partners is key. It’s why we visit the farms, ranches and bays. We want to experience those seasonal windows of ripeness, understand farming practices, and see how employees are cared for.

You get that heart and dedication in everything we do — from company-wide catering to good-for-our-community produce, grown as close to our stores as possible. Deeply regional, natural and humanely produced ingredients. It’s what we’ve always stood behind. We know we’re a part of something bigger.