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How do i hire New Leaf or New Seasons NorCal to perform my demo?

Review our Vendor Information Packet and complete the Online Booking Form

Who schedules the demos?

Once you complete the Online Booking Form and submit, the Demo Coordinator will confirm your demo and schedule it on the store’s calendar. For more information on scheduling, download the Vendor Information Packet or Contact Us.

Can I perform my own demos?

Yes, learn about policies and rates in our Vendor Information Packet.

How can I ensure the Product Enthusiast represents my product professionally and accurately?

We want this too, so when you first hire us you’ll fill out an Online Booking Form that gives you the opportunity to list selling points, company and product information and attach any documents and recipes you’d like our Product Enthusiasts to use. Additionally, we’re always educating our team on the products we carry. We also offer quarterly opportunities at our Support Office, for vendors to attend demo trainings with our team. If this interests you, email Demo Administrator. We look forward to hearing from you.

How will I be billed?

Following your demo, we’ll send you an invoice that will include the demo fee and, if applicable, a charge for product used in performing your demo. We’ll send the invoice along with a completed demo report about two weeks after the end of the month in which we performed your demo.

Do you offer discounts for small companies?

Yes, we have what we call a Local Emerging Vendor discount that we offer to companies who generate $125k or less in annual revenue and produce their product within a 100-mile radius of one of our stores. Please review our Vendor Information Packet for policies and rates.