Community Programs

If it’s good for the community then New Leaf Community Markets gets behind it. Taking care of and nourishing our Central Coast people and land has been integral to our mission since day one. We do so in part by giving 10% of our after-tax profits back via nonprofits. This empowers everybody.


Since 1993 Envirotokens have been a way for us to celebrate one tiny but mighty sustainable choice – they add up! And we give back to our beloved community while doing so. When you shop at any New Leaf Community Markets and use reusable grocery bags, we give you a 10¢ Envirotoken per bag.

Envirotokens at New Leaf Community Markets for when customers bring reusable bags and can be used to benefit local charities, nonprofits, and other organizations

You then pay that forward to one of 6 local nonprofits that the community has chosen. Every summer, customers at each store nominate and vote for the nonprofits that they want their Envirotokens to benefit. Check out the current recipients here.

Some organizations such as Homeless Garden Project and Native Animal Rescue have been recipients of our donation programs for more than 20 years. Every month, all New Leaf Community Markets tally up Envirotokens, convert them into dollar amounts and send a check to each organization. Since every little choice matters, we do our best to reward the good ones. Neighbor Rewards program members also receive 10 points per store visit when they use reusable bags.

If you know of or work with a good-for-the-community nonprofit that you’d like us to consider for the Envirotoken program, fill out this form.


Over the years we’ve donated hours and funds to so many Central Coast organizations that better our communities primarily those focused on K-12 education, environmental stewardship and hunger relief. If you are seeking a donation for your organization or an upcoming event, fill out this form.

Customer Supported Donations

Our charitable acts are as diverse as our products because we wholeheartedly believe in the power of community-based action. We are constantly reviewing community needs so that our customers can do their part in supporting rehabilitative work for local natural disasters and emergency relief. In that spirit, we also work with local food banks during the holidays and the United Way during the fall.

Food waste is something we work very hard to understand and eliminate. The last thing we want to contribute to is a landfill, and hunger relief work greatly strengthens our communities. We focus on finding new ways to tackle both issues side-by-side and make the Central Coast stronger.

Food Pantries

We work with local college food pantries to provide a place where students experiencing food insecurities can get their hands on nutritious food. Since 2018, New Leaf Community Markets has donated food items, body care products, shelving and equipment to UC Santa Cruz and Cabrillo College’s Aptos and Watsonville campuses.

Gleaning Program

With hunger issues worldwide, and in our community, food waste is an issue we are always working on. All of our stores partner with local nonprofits, food banks and college food pantries to help distribute and make use so that food does not go to waste. It’s one part we play in changing the food system.

Senior Discount Days

For customers 65 years or better, we offer 10% senior discount off your purchase every Tuesday & Thursday. Just show your I.D. at check-out to have the savings applied.

We support and respect our elders. They know a thing or two and they deserve it.

New Leaf Community Markets grocery store cashier smiling and while handing over a reusable bag full of groceries

Relief for Furloughed Government Workers

When there is a government shutdown, New Leaf Community Markets is here to help. We put processes in place to make it easier to keep your family well-nourished and thriving.

Lend-A-Hand Program

Every year, each New Leaf Community Markets staff member receives up to 8 paid hours of volunteer time for projects and nonprofits that they are passionate about. Some of these organizations that our employees have joined hands with over the years include Ecology Action, Save Our Shores and Sea Hugger. We honor and encourage commitments to make a positive change in our neighborhoods and communities.

School E-Cards

Our schools determine our future and from day-one, New Leaf Community Markets has supported Central Coast K-12 schools. When parents, teachers or community members purchase a New Leaf Community Markets gift card directly from a school, we give money back to that school. It’s one of our many ways to support our school programs and prioritize educational excellence.

Gift Cards for New Leaf Community Markets

If you would like to set up a school with this program, work with your school scrip coordinator to complete the application. Print and drop it off at any New Leaf Community Markets location or email it to